Chokehold from behind in Krav Maga


Chokehold from behind

A chokehold from behind is a very aggressive and shocking attack. You might be walking out from work at night, heading to your car, leaving a grocery store and then someone might start to follow you and then Bam! Believe it or not, this kind of attack is very common and can be deadly.

There are several options you might have but the most important thing to do is avoid the confrontation to scale.

Krav Maga options

  1. When being on a chokehold raise one of your shoulders and put the other one down as fast as you can.
  2. Another option would be to get your arm over his head in a circular motion to set him up with a knee strike in the groin or stomach.


  • It is important to keep breathing at all times, that is why you need to push your chin down to keep breathing.

Women are common targets and this is one of those attacks women face. In this case, the response has to be immediate or it could lead to other kinds of attacks such as kidnap, rape, or multiple attacks.

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