How to do Captured Leaves Self Defense Technique

How to do Captured Leaves Self Defense Technique

Captured Leaves

Captures Leaves is a Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique found in the purple belt rank. This technique is against a right flank finger lock, not a very common attack but it does not mean it cannot happen. This kind of attack could be of someone taking you somewhere, or setting you up for a second attacker.

Step by step:

  • As you are attacked with this finger lock and moved forward by your attacker.
  • Do a right forward step and use your left hand to release your fingers by using an outward hand sword, raise and pull your right hand straight forward.
  • The hand sword will release your finger lock and will feed the elbow strike.
  • Without moving away from him, turn 180 on the opposite direction to deliver an elbow strike onto his ribs.
  • Now come back on the other side to deliver another elbow strike.
  • Now cross out and keep your hands up.


  • Push your hand forward and continue the momentum to feed your next move.
  • Right after you release your fingers deliver your elbow strikes.
  • You can push him out as you cross out after you deliver your second elbow strike

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