Capoeira has the most powerful kick says National Geographic

The most powerful kick, capoeira

The most powerful kick

There is a karate front kick, a Muay Thai roundhouse kick, a Taekwondo roundhouse kick and a roundhouse capoeira style kick on the ultimate test. National Geographic measure speed and power of these kicks and the results are incredible, not what most expected.

I’m grateful and thankful to have had the chance to learn some of these styles years ago. I trained and was introduced to the Brazilian art of Capoeira in Deerfield Beach, Florida. There is a large Brazilian community in south Florida so capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu were on my top list. I can say that I am a striker, not a grappler, but I do know how to defend myself on the ground if needed.

National Geographic put experts to the test by measuring the speed and power of their kicks, they did that on a stable and unstable platform. With the help of great black belt instructors with years of experience in their art.

And the winner of all is Capoeira, more powerful than Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai. Please watch this video to learn more about the experiment and please do not try this at home.