Speaker 2: There are two styles of capoeira, angola and haguenau. I have who’s going to explain to us the difference between the two styles. Also, I will have him explaining a little bit of the style and how we train at Capoeira Rawanda .

Speaker 2: Capoeira Rawanda, we do practice contemporary capoeira. Before I talk about contemporary capoeira, I have to say the difference between capoeira angola and capoeira haguenau. Capoeira angola, for me, is the mother of capoeira haguenau. Capoeira angola is the capoeira developed by the Africans, came from Africa to Brazil as a slave.

The root of capoeira angola is African, West Africa. I’ve seen many artform that I see similarities between capoeira angola and capoeira in this artform in Africa. Capoeira haguenau is developed by Master Biba in the early ’30’s, was not allowed to be taught until 1932. The two masteries that was first I would consider, the two mastery make-up within the professional.

A profession was Master Pastilla and Master Biba. The two style is like, one better way of explaining, one is jazz and the other one, the blues. They’re all the same but, they’re all different. That is capoeira angola and capoeira haguenau.

Capoeira angola we have, three berimbaus, two pandeiros, not the back, which, at the back it’s a drum. We have reco reco, we have agogo, the cowbell. When Master Biba created capoeira haguenau, he dropped all the instruments out and he took two only. From the angola set he took the two pandeiros and one berimbaus.

He’d choose the medium, the berimbaus. Berimbaus is viola, which is a small gorge, the medio, the measure is a medium sized gorge, and the gunga is the large gorge berimbaus. It is the lead. The gunga also is know as berra boi. Master Biba choose the and created capoeira haguenau, totally different.

There is a difference, but, when they play, I think that they are the same thing. When the capoeira haguenau and the capoeira angola play…angoleiro and capoeira haguenau play…they can have the same dialogue. Now, capoeira Rwanda, we practice capoeira contemporary, which started developing in the ’60’s. It’s a mix of capoeira haguenau and the capoeira angola.

In the ’70’s, I heard Master Ezekiel saying, “that’s the capoeira that the new generation will be practicing, we’ll be doing throughout the world,” when he saw San Caprisa from Rio practicing capoeira contemporary. For me, it’s one capoeira. In them all, very good, you can benefit from all of them in all terms.

Speaker 2: Usually, if someone’s looking how to start training in capoeira, I would say, try to visit different schools and see where you feel at home. Try both styles, capoeira haguenau, capoeira angola. Sometimes, people have a preference for one over the other. It’s just a matter of taste and a matter of, see where you fit.

Speaker 2: But, besides you look for style or a school, it is also, you have to be very careful of who you learn from. Who’s the mastery, who’s the , who’s the professor, who’s teaching?

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