Calf Slicer Calf Crusher Leg Slicer


Okay. So we just discussed and showed a truck into what’s called a banana split. Now through that transition, I discussed and explained a little bit on what’s known as a calf slicer. I’d like to just go over that again and add some more detail. So let’s start again on attacking the turtle and entering into the truck, but focusing on attacking that leg. Let’s do that. Okay. So arms in turtle. And I have my hook. And same thing, it’s not working. So right here. Now let’s talk about attacking this leg. I can engage, I really want to hold onto close by the toes, not really by the ankle here. Right here. Now I can also do two in one. It doesn’t have to be each leg. I can focus on just one leg.

As I sit, I want to place this foot on my foot here, on my heel. Okay. And as I sit back, I can push a little bit with my weight and pull in. Okay. Now I have my submission there. Now if my opponent rolls, because it is quite painful, I’m going to follow my partner. And sometimes I can’t get the banana split. So you see this position I’m laying here? Now same caution. I do not want to expose my arm. See, I have the submission right there, so it’s quite dangerous. So if you can’t do the banana split, we can still attack with this calf slicer. Just need to make sure that I don’t expose my elbow. And I stay with the same details, controlling the toes, pushing off with my foot, and pulling in.

Let’s do that again. Okay. Have the hook in. . I hook and turn and face my target. Two on one in this case. I sit back. I make sure I’m controlling the toes. And I place my foot right here. And I sit back and pull. If he rolls, I move with him. Make sure I’m not exposing the arm. The submission there. And I apply the same submission. And that is a calf slicer off of our truck sequence.

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