How to Build an Advanced Combination in Boxing

Advanced Boxing Combination

I’m going to let you, the viewer, take a step into our world, so we can show you how we build an advanced boxing combination. All right.

First, we’re going to start with a one, two. Then he’s going to pull, then he’s going to send a right hand, left hook, right hand. Liver shot. Hook to the head, step out; one, two. And then the jab comes in two’s, all the time. All right, one more time; one-two. Pull. Jab, jab. Good. You notice I’ll switch targets. I’ll switch targets, so he can execute my jab, just like so. So, he’ll hit some here. He’ll hit some here.

I may throw something to his head. He will react. He’ll work his reactionary defense. He’ll make space, step back, three. Then we go back to it, one, two, pull; beautiful. Back three, jab, jab. Back to the combination, one, two; one, two; jab, jab. Back three. Four; jab, jab; one, two.

And that’s a perfect example that Delen showed us, of training for an advanced boxing combination.

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