How to do Buckling Branch Self Defense Technique

How to do Buckling Branch Self Defense Technique

Buckling Branch

Buckling Branch is a self-defense against a front left through kick. A simple technique that can be used anywhere, it has many options but in this case, we will go over the traditional aspect of the technique which is required for an orange belt. Here are the simple steps:

  • As the front left kick comes in, step to 3 or 4 o’clock while you execute a left downward block guiding your attacker out.
  • He should have landed facing 12 o’clock and now you are behind him.
  • Execute a right kick to his groin from that angle.
  • Your kicking foot should land in a front twist stance as your hands are checking your opponent, this movement feeds your next kick.
  • Execute a left side kick to the back of his left leg, this will disable him on the spot.
  • Then if he turns to you after the kick, execute a left check and a right punch to his face.
  • Step out and cover-up.

Professor Cliff Semineiro and Juan Serrano doing what they do best sharing their Kenpo knowledge with their best explanations.


  • Make sure you check with your left hand after the kick to the groin, he might still turn if you miss the groin.
  • You can kick either leg, but it is better to kick the closest one.

Recommended Kenpo Techniques

Buckling Branch is against a front left kick and Deflecting Hammer is against a right front kick, even though all self-defense techniques can be done on both sides you still have other options.

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