Kette – Junzuki
Kette – Gyakuzuki
Kette – Junzuki No Tsuokkomi
Kette – Gyakuzuki No Tsuokkomi
Nidan Geri Jodan
Surikomi MawashIgeri Chudan or Jodan
Surikomi Sokuto Chudan or Jodan


Maegeri Chudan – Mawashigeri- Mawashikakatogeri- Gyakuzuki Chudan
Surikomi Maegeri Chudan-Nagashizuki Jodan- MawashIgeri Chudan -Gyakuzuki Chudan
Zenshinshite Jodan Renzuki – Surikomi Maegeri – Mawashigeri Ushirogeri – Uraken -Gyakuzuki

Basic Techniques

Front Kick – Front Punch
Front Kick – Reverse Punch
Front Kick(body) Leaning Punch to Head
Front Kick(body) Leaning Punch to Groin
Slide Forward & Across Jab to the Head
Jumping Front Kick To Head
One Step Round Kick To Body or Head
One Step Side Kick To Body or Head


Front Kick – Round kick – Turning hook kick-Reverse Punch
One Step Front Kick-Slide Across Jab-Round Kick – Reverse Punch
Step Jab Reverse One Step Front Kick – Round Kick-Back Kick – Back Fist -Reverse Punch
Free sparring

Karate Techniques

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