How to do Broken Gift Self Defense Technique

How to do Broken Gift Self Defense Technique

Broken Gift

Broken Gift is a Self Defense Technique found in the green belt rank of the American Kenpo Karate system, this technique is against a Front Handshake, it is also found in the Third Degree Black Belt level with its extension. Let’s go over the steps:

  • As soon as your handshake your opponent rotate your right wrist while you grab the wrist with your left hand.
  • Right foot back and use your left arm break the elbow, then step back with your left leg while your left hand is holding his right wrist.
  • Deliver a right back knuckle to the right side of the jaw.
  • Right foot back while you deliver a right elbow strike to the other side of the jaw.
  • Step out.

Broken Gift with its extension for Third Degree Black Belt, executed by Rick Jeffcoat


  • Rotate the palm up and break the elbow simultaneously all at once

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