TV host uncovers a Master trying to fool the audience

Master trying to fool the audience

This is priceless!

This TV host uncovers a Martial Art Master trying to fool the audience. But wait when the TV host touches one of the bricks this master was about to break, one small touch and it broke on the spot. Take a look and see it with your own eyes.

This was on the air on a local tv channel in Hawaii, the Sunrise Hawaii New now. Unfortunately, Grand Master Bruce Silva was on live tv doing a breaking demonstration when the host explained the audience that those bricks were real bricks and when he touched them, they broke out of the sudden. This was supposed to be a sneak peek but it uncovers the reality of these brick breaking demonstration. All those bricks are fake made especially for presentations like this.

The TV host laughs so loud because he sees all that was fake, and he even says he’s sorry for touching the bricks. And at the end, the TV hosts say “you know, either way, it was impressive”.

This is really sad for the Martial Arts community because for things like this all real masters and instructors who train hard, compete and teach all over the world are put in the same category. 

Lastly, the TV host and the Grand Master announced he will try to break the World Record… but honestly, what World Record if the bricks are all “treated”… anyone could break a World record with fake bricks.

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