How to Break in a Softball Glove


When we purchase a new softball glove, it’s important that we break in our glove properly, to fit our hand well. What does it mean to break in our softball glove? Well when we buy a new glove, a lot of times the leather is very stiff. Obviously it’s fresh and new, which is what we like, but we want the leather to have some flexibility. We want to be able to squeeze the fingers of the glove to close around the ball. The other important factor is to let that glove fit well to our hand. We want it to fit comfortably and shape around our hand, almost as though, almost the way our favorite pair of shoes would fit. The first steps that we want to take when breaking in our glove, is to soften or condition the leather. There’s a lot of different oils and conditioners that you can use to help soften the leather. I recommend more of a conditioner or a foam. Sometimes oils can be heavy and make the glove heavier and also can be kind of a pain for your teammates when the oil rubs off on the ball, if you’re playing catch.