How to Do a Brabo from Scarf Hold


Brabo from Scarf Hold

We’re going to start in side control first. All right. Now Chad is going to come up this way. He’s going to come up this way for the single leg, or for an escape. There are a lot of things I can do here. Remember we talked about the rolling and all those things. Right. But right now, he’s coming up, and I and sprawl. Okay. And I grab the back of his head. Look what happens here.

Let’s do it on this side. So Chad is coming up here. Boo, and I’m right there. His arm comes between my leg. Okay. So that’s the situation. His arm is between my legs. Now let’s go again. He comes up. Sprawl. Arm between my legs. Here. Fist down. Grind his head in. Shoot my hand through. Lock. And again, if I squeeze here it’s all arm. I’m not going to squeeze here. I’m going to readjust and bite. Readjust and bite. One, to the ceiling. Lock. Readjust. Bite. Good. If he still doesn’t tap, I can always sit and hook his leg and hit there, but we shouldn’t have to do that because the control is so tight. Now that’s from side control. Okay. Guess what? We’re in half guard. Same thing, he’s here. Okay. Now what I’m going to do is push his head down, get underneath his head. Okay.

Now again, up here, he’s in side control. Roll underneath his head. Grind the head in. Shoot it up. Lock it. And he’s already tapping, but if he’s not, I adjust. He tapped . That’s from half guard. Now we’re here in scarf. This is a real tricky one. I’m going to come to this position, reverse scarf. I’m going to walk my butt around this way.

See how I lock his arm into position? I’m going to bring my arm over first, though. So here, one, this arm comes here. Start bringing it in. This arm comes here. Walk it around. I’m right here. Adjust it. Lock and shift. Finish. Okay. And those are three entries into the Brabo choke. Remember don’t use your arm strength. Adjust and bite.

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