How to Do a Brabo or D’Arce Choke

How to Do a Brabo or D'Arce Choke

Brabo choke

Brabo choke, which is otherwise known as the D’arce choke. We’re going to start from turtle, but we’re also going to hit it from a couple of other positions. All right. So again, Chad’s sprawled out. I sprawled out, and Chad’s doubled. Right. Now I can go for the anaconda and all this. Anaconda goes this way. The Brabo goes this way. Let me just switch sides. So if I were going to do the anaconda, I’d go this way. Doing the Brabo, I go this way. This way right here. Stringing my arm underneath his arm pit, saying hello, locking my hands in the gable grip. Now I want to flip him over this way. There’s many variations here.

Sometimes you could just sit and lock here, but if you fail, you could be in a bad position. All right. So the safest variation, I’m right here, clap my hands, and I’m going to chop the crown of his head so he flips over. And he’s right on his side. Okay. So once I get him on his side, I’m here, I like to switch my grip. So it was like this. I like to take a second and switch my grip and drive his head in. I shoot my fingers to the ceiling and whack. Now let me show you a little secret to the Brabo.

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