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The World of Boxing

Here is a complete guide to enhance your Boxing training.

Boxing Warm up and Workout

Warming up is required in all sports, is important to get the upper body ready, you need to increase the blood flow to loosen your joints, muscles and tendons. Boxing is explosive and you need to prepare your body for explosive movements in the ring.

Moving inside the ring

Being able to move inside the ring is crucial, keep in mind a moving target is harder to hit and it will get the attacker tired. The following pages will provide you the necessary insights to master your stances and footwork.

Defending in Boxing

A moving target is harder to hit, but what happens when you are in a corner and can’t get away, then here you have some alternatives.

Attacking in Boxing

Anyone can throw a punch, but do it right takes practice. The boxer needs to be able to master all kinds of punches, do combinations, use all the footwork with the appropriate punch to get the job done.


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