How to Box Step in Boxing

How to Box Step in Boxing

How to Box Step

I’m with Terry Sutherland today. One of New York City’s premier trainers, former pro-fighter and one of the best trainers I know, period. What we’re going to work today, we’re going to work footwork. Footwork is imperative and we’re going to start today with the box step. Terry’s going to assume his fighting stance.

So let’s assume you’re orthodox. And if you’re a southpaw, it’s just the opposite. Alright? That would be your southpaw stance. Now he’s back in orthodox. Now if Terry moves left, he simply box steps left. If he moves right, he box steps right. Forward and backward. Now, this is done by loading the back foot. Alright? When you load the back foot, Terry’s, most of his weight’s on the front ball of his foot. That foot’s loaded so he can move and push off the back foot and step with the left. It’s very important not to confuse, not to step and pull. He’s pushing with the load on his back foot and coming forward. That gets him from A to B, the quickest way he can. Again, box stepping forward, back, left to right. That’s box stepping, the foundation of boxing footwork.

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