How to do Bow of Compulsion Self Defense Technique

How to do Bow of Compulsion Self Defense Technique

Bow of Compulsion

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo – Purple Belt Techniques – Bow Of Compulsion. Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano. This self-defense technique is against a front wrist lock against the opponent’s chest, this kind of attack is very common when breaking a fight. Let’s go through the steps for details:

  • When your arm is trapped, check his hand with your left hand.
  • Step into a right close kneel.
  • Push the right elbow into his stomach and then go straight up with a heel palm.
  • With the same hand go all the way down.
  • Then your ridge hand goes back to hit the groin.
  • Execute a right back knuckle to the inside of his knee.
  • Then deliver a hook punch to the inside of his other knee and then out.


  • Drop your center of gravity but keep your back straight on your close kneel.

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