Book of the day: Infinite Insights into Kenpo


Infinite Insights Into Kenpo

Today I took one of my favorite books to my coffee break,”Infinite Insights into Kenpo”. There is no better way to enjoy a cup of coffee and a little something with a book like this. Time flew by so fast, if you are a serious Kenpoist then you should have this book in your collection. Physical Analyzation It covered basic theory, stances, and maneuvers. Physical Analyzation II delivers further into technical American Kenpo, again using organizational charts to divide basics into categories, then covering blocks, strikes (arms & legs), specialized movements such as twisting and locking, and additional exercises.


There are so many illustrations where you can see GM Frank Trejo executing strikes, punches, kicks, stances and training exercises. This is a must have I insist.


Sr. Grandmaster of American Kenpo Karate gives readers an opportunity to study, ponder and digest the two marvelous, insightful investigations into Kenpo, Mr. Parker’s third volume was published two years later in July 1985. With the same direction and thrust as Volume II, he continued in “Physical Analyzation Part II” to categorize, classify and expound on the basic subdivisions of blocks, strikes and specialized moves and methods.

Blocks, primarily defensive moves, are defined typed of blocks are exhaustively expanded upon, such as striking, parrying, positioned, pinning and specialized blocks taught in Kenpo. In an excellent photographic series overlaid with directional diagrams, to show the moves step by step. Specialized blocks, such as catching, trapping, jamming, lockout, ricocheting and sliding checks are put into perspective photographically through simple, selected self-defense sequences.

A myriad of masterful methods of executing a multitude of strikes is set forth completely for the first time in this volume. Strikes are sequential, logically and practically, charted out, demonstrated and arguably addressed better than any other Martial Arts text. Using comparative analysis expanding on the bounds of existing experience, Mr. Parker elaborates masterfully on the merits of major and minor moves.

Mr. Parker reminds his students that a knowledge of how and what is not complete without an understanding of why. He teaches the tools of the Kenpo artist, along with an understanding of appropriate principles and applications. Leaving a formula for future combat success on the street, he stresses a need for the consistent use of the correct principle.

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