All right, guys. Now I’m going to go over different types of kick boxing blocks, okay? So face, first thing you’ve got your punches to the face. Nice and easy give me a one-two, one-two. I’m putting my hands together and blocking them. And again, one more time. All right, now let me get a one-two hook, hook. Now with the hooks, I’m bringing my shoulder up, exaggerating the shoulder girdle coming up. One-two hook hook, go. Block-block, hook-hook. And again, block-block, hook-hook.

Good, now nice and easy let me get a double jab and then a right hand, jab-jab, and I’m slipping it down to my side, right? So with this one I’m being a little more evasive. It’s still defense. It’s not quite a block, but at the same time I could also parry it. So double jab, right hand. Block-block, just in case I’ll move my head to the side and later on take advantage of it, all right?

Now let me get a one-two, right round house, go. So block upstairs-block upstairs and bring my left up. Again, boom-boom, just in case. Now a little lower with the kick, go. Block-block and again, block-block and good. Now let me get a round house kick to my body, okay? I’m stepping away from it and I’m catching it. Now I’m in a really good advantageous position, where I could trip, punch, do whatever I wanted to do, okay?

Now let’s do a one-two right round house, go. Boom-boom and catching it, boom-boom. Take advantage of it. Then right back down, good. One more time, go and good, and right back. Good, now lead round house kick with a left. Remember so now I could do this. Do it again or come across again. Same side, cross, good. Again, and let’s go.

Now guys make sure when you block, straight line every time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the back leg or the front leg. Ready again, straight line, just in case nothing goes through. Switch, let’s go. Good, one more time, let’s go. Good, and here, go. Good and right back. Hands up, nice and easy, let me get a right front kick.

Parrying across, come right back up. Left front kick, step across, right back up. Right front kick, come across, boom-boom. Left front kick, step across, boom-boom-boom. I’m going to let you do it one more time, right front kick. Step boom-boom. Left front kick boom-boom. Okay, thank you. And those are different types of kick boxing blocks.

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Peter A Soto is a Black Belt with more than 20 years of experience, athlete, teacher and webmaster. Based in the city of San Diego, California.