Published On: Sat, Dec 28th, 2019

Blue belt kyu 5 – Shotokan Karate

Combination techniques

  • Sanbon Zuki.
  • Age Uke, Gyaku Zuki, Gedan Barai (forwards and backwards)
  • Ude Uke, Gyaku Zuki, Gedan Barai, (forwards and backwards)
  • Uchi Uke, Gyaku Zuki, Gedan Barai (forwards and backwards)
  • Shuto Uke, Mae Geri (front leg), Nukite (forwards and Backwards)
  • Mae Geri,
  • Keage (in Kiba Dachi)
  • Kekomi (in Zenkutsu Dachi)
  • Ren Geri, Mae Geri Chudan, Mae Geri Jodan
  • Mawashi Geri.

Kihon Ippon Kumite

  • Two techniques each for Jodan, Chudan, Mae Geri, Kekomi. Both sides same defense not to be repeated on the same side.


  • Heian Sandan plus one previous Kata of the Examiner’s choice.

Karate Requirements

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