Counter Karate Techniques

Counter Karate Techniques

Counter Karate Techniques

Okay, so for block and counter techniques I am going to use the format of Ippon Kumite; one step basic pair work. We are going to vary the distance so the first set you will see will have the middle distance of the punching. The second set you will see will have a closer range with striking techniques. The third set you will see will have kicking techniques at a longer range. We will show three different ranges with this.

First one I am going to attack Jordan to the face. Jordan half speed. Then with speed.

The next one is going to be to the middle level. Slow speed at first. Then at real speed.

The next one will be, so that is a lower level just above the belt.

Now Alex is going to attack and I will show closer range distance. Half speed. Around elbow strike.

Knife hand strike.

And back fist strike.

Next Alex is going to show a longer distance and he is going to kick. To the face first.

So these are examples of several distances of counter and their variations and also gives you an idea of the fine control which we have to exercise when we are working with our partner in the dojo.

Karate Techniques

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