How to block the Baseball Bat attack

How to block the Baseball Bat attack

Baseball Bat attack

Krav Maga takes self-defense to the next level with their techniques, is a martial art created to survive, there are no katas or forms.

How to counter the baseball bat strike. Baseball bat defense in a dangerous street fight in da hood. Let’s analyze Krav Maga’s option on this direct attack:

We are told to get as close as we can and to use our arm/shoulder to check his arm before he hits. This will not allow him to hit you at all because he needs space to swing it.

Close the distance, then you can use your arms to control his arms, he won’t want to drop the weapon. This will allow you to use your elbows and fists, then it will be easy to take over.

As you can see this is really effective and it makes perfect sense because if you step back the attacker will continue to hit you until he gets you.

The art of Krav Maga does not have time to work on forms or katas, it is only hard training and techniques to help you survive anything, from a choke, baseball bat attack, bear hug, knife, or gun attack and even multiple attacks.

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