A Black Belt is that white belt who never gave up


The ultimate goal for many young martial artist is to become a black belt. There are many martial art styles and the way they rank and have their requirements is different these days.

In traditional Karate it can take a minimum of 10 years if you are in a real martial art academy or school. In some Taekwondo school a student can become a black belt in 2 years if he learns everything and trains constantly. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is way different because you need to have years of training and compete.

Many black belts don’t like to compete and there is a group that is always competing. I think black belts should teach, share and compete so future generation can see real role models in action.

I would like to say that to be a black belt it means you don’t give up, you keep training and becoming a better person fighting your worst enemy, YOU.

A black belt is a humble person, strong, and is an example to follow. He is respected and will not hurt you but teach you or help you improve.

A Black Belt is that white belt who never gave up.

  • Don’t be part of the FAKE instructors who promote themselves, who fabricate Ranks and awards that never existed.
  • Don’t be part of the FAKE Charlatans who criticize but don’t compete.
  • Don’t be part of those who offer you RANKS and tons of patches to feed your ego.
  • Never buy your Rank, earn it with sweat and tears….Don’t lie to yourself.

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