Black Belt Kumite Warm up routine in Karate


Kumite in Karate is a serious practice, specially at the black belt level. This is point sparring in Traditional Karate, not continuous sparring. The match is stopped when there is a clear point from one of the competitors that is why speed, control and timing are important. You need to be fast enough to score without hurting your opponent, if you do, you might get disqualified.

Here you can see black belts getting ready for kumite. Keep in mind you are allowed to punch to the face but with control, just for scoring purposes. You are still required to wear protection and approved sparring gear.


  • Always keep your protection gear clean and in top condition
  • If you do not have protection gear, then invest on one
  • Move around you opponent, a target that doesn’t move is easy to hit

Karate Techniques

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