Black Belt in Taekwondo


Black Belt in Taekwondo

Once you have reached the black belt level, it is when the real learning begins, you have a great responsibility in your training since the new generations will see you as an example to follow, also your training will demand quality, dedication and much more discipline.

Not many reach this level as they disappear along the way. Out of 10 students who enter to learn Taekwondo, only 1 obtains the level of black belt according to statistics. So if you made it this far then congratulations.

Also keep in mind that you might be asked any of the previous requirements you had to learn as well. A black belt in Taekwondo must know the entire list of requirements from White belt to Black.


  • Tong-milgi Serki

Basic Techniques

  • Knife hand low block
  • ArgweeSon – Khaljaebi
  • Khaljaebi strike and a cross block
  • Palm block with downward motion
  • Fist Target Strike
  • Reverse spear hand thrust

One Step Sparring

  • Twist block and repeated side kick
  • Repeated side kick followed by outside sweep
  • Repeated kick followed by shoulder throw



Taekwondo Techniques

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