How to do an Intense Arm workout for women

How to do an Intense Arm workout for women

Arm workout

This biceps and triceps workout for women will give you the best toned lean arms workout possible. This routine contains 8 biceps and triceps exercises, making it a complete arm workout for women. If you are wanting to get the best bicep and triceps workout to really tighten and tone the arms, this routine is ideal for you.

You’ll do each of the 8 bicep and triceps exercises for 10 – 12 reps before moving on to the next. Don’t take any rest between the exercises in this triceps and biceps workout for her. If you are a beginner, shoot for 1-2 rounds of this arms workout. If you are more advanced, you can try for the 3 – 4 total round of this triceps and biceps workout.

Here are the moves that make up this biceps and triceps workout, the name of these exercises might be intimidating but you will love them:

  1. Medicine Ball Narrow Press
  2. Bicep Curl
  3. Spider Elbow Pushups
  4. Crab Dips
  5. V Curls
  6. Prone Press Ups
  7. Skull Crushers
  8. Curl With Toss

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