Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl Exercises

Bear Crawl

Crawling is a great full-body exercise, a few repetitions would give you great benefits. This exercise is part of a warm-up routine many marines, army, and special forces do every day.

Your own weight is distributed and transported by you, so your arms and legs get a workout based on your weight. Bear Crawls are body fat burners and if you set a daily workout with a few repetitions you will see and feel the results.

Today’s problem is that many people want to look fit without working out, that is something that will never work, you can get plastic surgery or get fake muscles but you will feel weak. The goal is to be strong, look good, and feel good. Invest in yourself, don’t fool your body, feed it right and treat it right.

Bear Crawl Step by step

  • Get your hands and feet on the floor.
  • Get your knees bent and your back straight.
  • Move walking forward with your hands and feet.
  • Look where you are going and keep your posture.


  • if you go too low watch for your knees.
  • Do not go too fast too, is not about speed is about doing a well-done exercise.

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