How to Do a Basic Curl

The Basic Curl

The bicep curl is an easy exercise to perform. One of the advantages of this exercise is that there are many ways to do it. Some people go for the bar, others for pulleys, dumbbells, elastic bands, and others for their own weight.

This exercise targets the biceps, you can do it standing, sitting on with another workout combination. You will need to hold your dumbbells with your elbows on your waist then bring them up slowly, hold them for a second and then let them go slowly down.

Basic Curl Options

You have several options to execute this exercise, such as:

Dumbbells: Type of free weight composed of a metal bar and two weights at the ends. They allow us a wide range of movement, better grip, and direct control of the load.

Barbell Curl

Barbell Curls - Basic Curl

Training equipment is composed of a metal bar, between 1 and 2 meters long, and two disc-shaped weights at the ends. It helps us to lift a free weight with both hands and to better distribute the load.

Pulley: Training equipment whose mechanism facilitates the movement of large amounts of weight with little effort. With it, we can train muscles from a different angle and movements are more controlled.

Elastic bands: A very versatile tool that can help you do any type of exercise from home. To increase the intensity, you just have to increase the width of your feet.


  • Do this exercise standing keeping your back straight.
  • Do not let your body rock back and forth.
  • Do not use momentum, just slow and easy.
  • Start with a weight you are comfortable with and do 2 sets of 10 repetitions each.

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