Barbell Reverse Lunge

The Barbell Reverse Lunge

The Barbell Reverse Lunge

Lunges can help you improve your strength and endurance. This exercise works your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves and your core muscles. Many consider Reverse lunges better than forward lunges because are perfect for all those sports that require speed, agility, and power. This move can help you develop the power to drive a better forward athletic move.

I personally like this exercise so much because:

  • It helps me maintain adequate joint angles in place.
  • My knee does not feel the force of my weight as when a do a forward lunge.
  • It helps me keep my back straight while I exercise.
  • This exercise places me in a more powerful position where I can take off faster since I do Karate it help me take off faster.
  • Without the Barbel I can cover up doing the reverse Lunge which can feed my take off to do a superman punch or body punch.


  • Keep your back straight at all times.
  • Do not bend your knee too fast, this will avoid hitting on the floor.
  • A slow-motion move will get you better results.

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