How to do a Baratoplata from a Triangle Choke



All right guys, now we are going to do that same Valley Kudo guard, Damn Good Guard set up to a really interesting set up called the Baratoplata, all right? Also, in our gym we sometimes call is the Funky Arm Bar because it looks kind of funky, it’s kind of like an arm bar, it’s a little bit like a Kimora. We’re going to do a little bit more from that position in other videos, but right now we are going to set up from Damn Good Guard. So, I’m here, I broke him down, I broke him down, I’m controlling him, and I get my knee through and I get to the triangle. If I don’t get to the triangle, I don’t get it, I’m going to go for that sweep that we talked about in the last video. I’m going to sweep him over, okay? So, I’m going to get it from here, here, and I come over and I get this position.

Now, I want to get it really tight. What I’m going to do is take this arm and bring it over here. I’m going to bring my legs this way as I bring my upper body this way. Watch again. Do it real time. One mistake I want to talk to you about. When you bring your leg over, don’t do this, okay? Do not do that. Watch what happens. That’s what happens. We’re here, one, two, look I bring my foot over and just keep it nice and tight, almost like a backwards triangle. If it’s uncomfortable, then go here. But, if I can get that backwards triangle, look at his face already. Here, turn. You’ve got the submission. If he gets out, we go back to our submission, finish the triangle. Here, or here. And that’s the pre-triangle to Baratoplata.

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