How to Do a Back Kick in Kickboxing and in most Martial Arts

The Back Kick in Kickboxing

This is a powerful kick which requires practice, balance and a good amount of stretching. Is important your back is facing your opponent but you still have your eyes on him.

Step by step:

  • You are facing your opponent with your left foot back
  • Pivot your back foot to set your kick
  • Bring your right knee to close to your chest
  • Make sure you keep your hands up while you aim with your right shoulder the target
  • Extend your leg, squeeze your glutes and reach your opponent
  • After you deliver your kick go back to your fighting stance


  • Keep your hands up all the time
  • Align your shoulder, elbow, hips, and knee when you kick, this will add more power to it.
  • Always go back to your fighting stance

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