How to Do Back & Jump Back Kick

How to Do Back & Jump Back Kick

Back & Jump Back Kick

I’m going to teach you guys how to do a back kick and a jump back kick. I’m going to first stay in a fighting stance, like this. Now I’m going to do the first step. It’s called a back turn. So, one. Now when I turn back here, I’m going to raise my back leg and I’m going to fold my legs up, like this, two. Make sure your knees don’t come up sideways. OK. I like to go here. So one more time. One, two, and at the end, three. Give it a kick and turn. One more time. One, two, three, bring it back in, recover, land, and turn around.

Now a jump back kick is similar to a back kick, but all you have to do is just add a hop. From here, we’re going to turn, one, and just give it a jump kick. One more time. One. So now a little fast speed.

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