Back Kick in Taekwondo Step by Step

Back Kick in Taekwondo Step by Step

The Back Kick

The Back Kick or Dwi Chagi in Taekwondo, you will find this very same kick in many other martial arts but with some differences. Is a very powerful kick because it uses the big muscles of our body the hamstrings and glutes. You can increase its power by using your hip and lower back. As we all know if we train these muscles regularly we can strengthen our core and body.

If you use Dwi Chagi in self-defense it will help you create distance between you and the attacker; depending on the intensity it may disable him right away since this is a very powerful technique.

Back Kick Targets

The most common and important targets are in the middle section, but if we analyze the important targets we could mention:

  • The stomach, this kick can stop any attacker.
  • The ribs, Excessive force can break a rib or two, control yourself.
  • The groin, is best used in Self Defense.
  • The head, it is possible to kick the head/face but it is not advisable to do it in a tournament because it uses a lot of power and can injure your opponent.

The Back Kick Step by Step

  • If the opponent is coming from behind do not turn 180 degrees, just 45 degrees
  • Lift your leg just like you are preparing for a front kick
  • Transfer your upper torso to the front as you deliver your Dwi Chagi to your target or opponent
  • Kick-pointing your toes down and use your hip to add power
  • Go back to your initial position keeping your hands up

Back Kick Step by StepBack Kick Step by Step in Taekwondo

  • In Sparring, blocking this kicking technique is not recommended because it might break your forearm, the best way would be more out from your opponent or around from your opponent. Keep in mind that is harder to hit a moving target.

It is very important to align your body properly to kick, if you do not then it can be blocked. Practice how to turn fast before kicking, this will help you connect faster and more effectively.

Back Kick Recommendations

  • You need to lift your knee to gain momentum and add power to your kicking technique.
  • Keep your hands up at all times, because if you miss the target you have to protect yourself.
  • Point your toes down when you kick and add your hip to increase the power.
  • Be ready to deliver a second kick after you land or connect with your kick.
  • Make sure you align your shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle in one line when kicking.

Back Kick Stretching Exercises

To develop a better Back Kick or Dwi Chagi you need to follow a good stretching routine exercise. The following exercises will help you develop better flexibility and of course, have a better kick.

How to Block the Dwi Chagi?

To block this kick you have a few options, but it will depend on your expertise to apply them successfully:

  • Move out of the line of attack.
  • Get closer as you notice your opponent’s first intent to turn.
  • Move in and out, this will make him wait when to kick and you can use this to telegraph his moves.
  • Always move around and move because a target that moves around is harder to kick.
  • If you could not move fast enough use a low block.

To kick higher you must stretch your lower back, hips, torso, and legs. Here is a great full-body stretching session that can help you kick higher.

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