Back Elbow Strike in Kenpo Karate

Back Elbow Strike

In this article, we will study the use, application, and proper execution of the back elbow strike in Kenpo Karate. It is also a movement that we can find in all forms and sets of Kenpo. The back elbow strike is highly used in Kenpo Self Defense Techniques, is the opposite motion of a horizontal punch.

  • To successfully execute this strike first you must know the desired target, then make sure you are aligned, then stretch your arm to the front to suddenly bring it back to form the elbow strike and hit the target.

The elbow is a pointed bone, and for this characteristic, it will always cause a lot of damage in any direction that is used.
The back elbow strike is applied to:

  • the stomach
  • the solar plexus
  • the floating ribs
  • the lower back.


  • Form your fist properly
  • Keep your back straight to keep your balance
  • Look over your shoulder before you hit

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