How to do the Back Breaker Self Defense Technique

The Back Breaker

This technique is against a right step through punch, it is found in the green belt rank of American Kenpo Karate and it is also found in the Third-degree black belt with its extension.

Back Breaker Step by Step:

  • As the punch comes in step to your 11 o’clock out of the line of attack with left and right parry.
  • Step through go behind him and grab his shoulders, deliver a right knee to the spine and set back on a left forward bow.
  • Your attacker should fall on your left knee, deliver a right-hand sword, grab the chin and rip. Then right chop again.
  • Roll down your knuckles and hit him on both shoulders as you step back with your left foot.
  • Your hands circle and finish with a straight heel palm to the face and cover out.

Rick Jeffcoat demonstrating “The Back Breaker” with its extension part of the requirements of Third Degree Black Belt.

American Kenpo Jiu Jitsu, S.M. Mohamad Tabatabai demonstrating and sharing some ideas on “The Back Breaker” with the help of Senior Professor Jorge Calvillo.


  • Get as close as you can on this technique because he might still throw a strike.
  • Make sure you always check the shoulders.

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