How to do Attacking Mace self defense technique

Attacking Mace

Attacking Mace is self-defense against a right step-through punch. This technique is quite advanced for the yellow belt because it has more moves than the rest of the yellow belt techniques, you can also see different principles applied. Here are the easy steps:

  • Right step back to create distance and deliver a left inward block.
  • Keep your left hand out as a positional check and deliver a right punch to the rib cage.
  • As your right hand still out grab the wrist to secure your next move and to keep control of the situation.
  • Deliver a right kick and a left uppercut to his right kidney.
  • Step back always checking your opponent.


  • Kick the stomach while training, if used on the street then you should kick the groin.
  • The final punch can be delivered to any available target.

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