How to do an Arm Triangle Choke from Side Control


Arm Triangle Choke

Chad is going to teach another arm triangle, and you’re going to start out from side control. Watch how he does it.

Okay, so start out in the side control position, and we can also start when my opponent is particularly having it up here — or maybe, sometimes, also if someone is not using bit strength, try and push off of that — yeah. Probably you might have guys who do that too. So if that scenario happens — so let’s go over that one first — if this happens where someone’s very aggressive, I can actually just block the elbow, move myself a bit more, and come down. That’s much more efficient, instead of just pushing him — that’s inefficient, especially if he’s very strong, I just block him with myself, level down, and come down right to, as you can see, an arm triangle position. Okay. Or another scenario — if the partner starts bringing the arm up like so, just sneak in there. Okay. So it’s a couple basic ideas on how to get this position.

Now, once it’s established, I’m going to do a hop over right to the submitting position. Now I’m going actually to the other side while keeping my control. I can kind of lean my head forward at this angle and use the base. And now I’m going to kick my leg up, one two, like so, and land right into my arm triangle position.

Okay. So one more time. My opponent is really being aggressive here, so I block the arm and I move myself right in. See, I slide right into my gable position. Now, stay tight, too, make sure you’re not out like that because the arm will get out in sparring, back to here or maybe, instead, back to side control. So make sure that when you establish this control here, my head stays a bit tight.

Now, I’m going to put my head down and do a one-two and touch myself right here. And land, right back to my position, and right into my truck. Okay, let’s do that one more time. That is a arm triangle setup from side control.

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