How to do an Arm Triangle Choke from Modified Mount


Arm Triangle Choke

All right guys, we are going to do an arm triangle again. This is a variation that one of my students came up with on his own, but it’s also been done by really famous black belt, Doreen Yo and a few others in MMA. It’s a wonderful, wonderful set up. It’s great because you don’t have to step out of the mount. So, we’re in the arm triangle, okay, and I’m going to demonstrate it. Again. The set up is the Captain Hook, driving down, coming over here. You don’t want the arm here, you want it back here. Never go for the arm triangle when it’s here. Always back. I’m going to do this one-handed. Watch how I shift my weight, and he just taps. Notice how I did it one-handed. You can do it two-handed, but I want to show that you can do it one-handed. The pressure is never arm pressure, as Chad was saying before. It’s all about rotation, okay? So, were here, make sure this is not here, back, palm down, and I’m going to shift. If you notice, my shift is the same shift we did in the Mountain Americana, that side shift.

My head goes this way, everything goes this way, not forward, as Chad said. Not forward, into the carotid. Remember, that’s what we’re tapping, we’re attacking, we’re attacking here. So, the more you push here, the less you are going to choke him. The more you go forward, the less leverage you’re actually applying to his carotids, okay? Here, here, if you’re having trouble getting the position, adjust. If you’re not getting the tap, move his head to the side, move his arms, come down. I’m going to use this grip, but to show you, I can do it one-handed here, shift, rotate. Rotate him this way, this angle, guys, this angle. One more time, let’s set it up again. Captain Hook, we’ll bring it over. Now, if it’s too loose, I’m not going to get it. This elbow can’t come up, there can’t be space. So, get a nice, good position. His head is in my crook, his arm is right here, not on his face. Here. Double hand grip just to show it, but I can always tap him one-handed, finish it. And that’s an advanced version that is very popular now where I don’t ever have to give up the mount. Great arm triangle.

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