How to do an Arm Triangle Choke from Bottom Half Guard

How to Do a Rolling Arm Bar from Guard

Arm Triangle Choke

All right guys, now we are going to do another arm triangle, but this is going to be from underneath the fighter. Most arm triangles are on top, but this one is underneath. This is a really good one because it’s a counter to a very bad position. So, I’m in half guard, and he’s going to side sit, to try and pass or do something. He brings his arm over to go for a Kimora or something like that, and this is a great arm triangle counter. So, I’m going to show it to you. I’m in half guard and Chad is here and we are fighting, we’re fighting, and he side sits like this, okay? Now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to lock up the arm triangle here. Now, sometimes I could tap him right here, but usually I don’t quite have the leverage to tap him. But, I like to bridge over. Now, he does not like that. He does not like that, so, oh, look what happened. His reaction allowed me to come here and then I finish him in guard.

One more time. Here, he comes over looking for that Kimora. I lock it up, and this is biceps here, hand on his head or on your head. Now, rolling him this way, as I do that, I slide my leg underneath. Now, if you get caught and you can’t slide, you can actually unlock the arm triangle for a little bit to help your leg and then re-lock. Because he can’t come out. One more time. So here, I can bridge over but sometimes I just roll him, he’s going to come back. That’s when I slide my leg through. If I can’t get my leg through, I can use my arm. Chad, pull your arm out.

See, he can’t pull his arm out. So, I can make it to guard, finish him out. Now, if he still does attack, that’s okay because I can come up and attack him back, and I have the back control. So, not only do we have a transition from half guard to full guard, but still if we don’t get it, we have an instant route to take the back, which is always a great thing to do. One more time. Lock up, roll him over, he comes back, if I can’t get my leg through, use my hand, lock up again, finish. And that’s the arm triangle from the half guard block.

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