How to Do an Arm Bar from Mount

Arm Bar from Mount

All right, guys. We’re going to show an armbar from the mount now. We just showed it from the back. We’re going to show it from the mount. Now there’s a traditional way to do the armbar. And then there’s the way that I prefer to do it. Okay. Let me show you. Okay. I have Chad in the mount. All right. And maybe he’s pushing up against me, and I put my hands here. I shift, and I bring my leg. All right. That’s traditional. But if it’s sweaty, or I make a mistake, it could be very dangerous. As I come over, he pulls his arm through. I lose it.

Not to say this is wrong, but it has some risk attached to it if there’s no gi. In gi, it’s an excellent armbar, but in no gi or in MMA, it could be a little risky. So I prefer it this way. Now first I’m going to attach Chad’s neck, and he’s going to want to push it away. Either attack his arm, his neck, and here, and I get to this position here where I reach underneath. And this is the cobra. Okay. That’s why we call this the cobra armbar. I spin him, and I get him on his side. Now watch the armbar, guys. Okay. Let’s explain that again. Knee up. This knee moves forward. This knee comes off the floor. I shift this way. If he defends and doesn’t want to move, I take my elbow, and I spin him.

Now I’m here. I’m fighting him here, and I try to make him go flat on the floor. And he doesn’t want to go flat on the floor. If he does, he’s dead. Okay. I’m going to choke him out. So he defends. When he defends, I pull his elbow tight to my body. At the same time, I push his head to the floor, and I have this all connected. Chad pull our arm in. It’s not going to. See, it’s going into my body. I shift, pull his head to my butt, and finish. One more time. We’re here. Establish the cobra. Move forward, up, shift, start pushing to the floor. And full speed. And that’s the cobra armbar from the mount.

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