How to do an Arm Bar from Guard Using High Guard


Arm Bar from Guard

All right guys, now we are going to do another arm bar from the guard, and the first arm bar we did, the one that Chad showed, is a little bit more opportunistic because the guy is throwing a punch. Now, we are kind of a little bit again, it’s opportunistic. We’re not hunting for the arm, but we’re having a little bit more control, OK? The arm bar is a very risky thing if you don’t have that control.

So, you can get it, but if you miss it, the guy can slip out and go to side control. So what we want to do is maximize that control. I’m going to demonstrate the arm bar from high guard, all right? Now, Chad is either posture broke, his arm his here, or he is pushing and I have some kind of control here, and I shift and bring my leg over here. So a lot of times I can walk it up a little. He’s pushing, he’s pushing off of me, and I go here to this position. I can start out like this, he’s trying to punch me (take a punch at me), right? And I bring him in. I can bring his arm here, and that’s when I hit the high guard.

Again, let’s do it. Here. Boom. Right there. High guard. Control. Now, in this position, I squeeze my legs, I reach under, grab here, and I like to grab here very tight. So now punch me in the face, Chad. See? This hand cannot hit me. If I’m nice and loose, just go here, he might punch me here, or elbow me, so I want to be really tight. I like to grab here, pulling my leg in, boom. Now, again, I bridge up, holding here and holding here. I’m just going to loosen up a little so I don’t hurt him, then I bridge up this way. Bridge up, watch. This way, and he taps even when I don’t have it. One more time. He’s punching, right? Here, holding him here, I bring him down. Hold him, high guard. Right. Squeeze the legs. Reach here, grab your shin, come over. Lift your hips, controlling arm this way, but now I’m going to loosen up and bridge. If you miss it, hit the Omoplata right away, all right? That is a safe, secure arm bar from the guard.

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