Arm Bar from Guard

Host: All right guys, now Chad is going to instruct an MMA arm bar set up. It’s a traditional arm bar, but it has a nice flare to it and he’s going to show it to you right now.

Chad: OK, so let’s start in close guard position with my partner having posture with this angle. Let’s show it one real time, then we’ll break it down. So my partner goes right hook, brace slowly, head back. OK, so as my opponent throws a hook, I’m going to establish a small striking principle, where I simply, as if I’m standing straight blocking a hook, I cover very tightly here, but I’m going to this side. As that happens, I catch the arm so I can continue it’s motion past me. This hand is to make contact, and it’s very important, the arm bar position.

This under hook here, we like to call it cut. It’s very tight at this angle, not like this. Like so. My leg is applying, your leg is applying pressure on top of the head, and it’s almost like I’m going to do a small bridge while applying pressure and keep my upper . I’m going to keep it very slow because it’s quite dangerous. So, I’m going to go very slow, start doing a small bridge, like so. So, one more time. Close hook, block catch, and I go right into the head. Slam my legs around, get this cut right here in the armpit as I keep arm control and go for the small bridge with my head on my shoulder, lifting my hips up. Right to our finish. So, one more time, and lift up. And that is our main set up to a basic arm bar from guard.

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