How to Do an Arm Bar from Back Control


All right guys, now we’re going to do an arm bar, traditional, straight arm bar from a lot of different positions, and we’ll start off from the back. I’m going to show you the traditional way to do it, and also the Drysdale, Robert Drysdale variation, which I think is a really, really, really great arm bar. Now, if I’m on this side, I’m going to be going for chokes. Now, if I’m on this side where my head is down here, choke is a little bit harder. Now traditionally, the choke or the arm bar would like this. Bring the elbow over, swing your leg over, and go. We are going to do it a little differently. Why? Watch. This is what happened to George St. Pierre in one of his fights against Dan Hardy, as he was here coming with this grip, pushing, Dan Hardy turned in. He turned in.

Turn in. He couldn’t stop it, and he wound up in the guard and in straight sport Jujitsu, it’s not the biggest deal, I can fight here and go here, but in MMA, you have both hands connected, he’s going to punch you in the face, and that’s dangerous, and then you have to let go. So, I prefer the Robert Drysdale variation. The other ones are not wrong, you just have to be careful with them. So, instead of doing this, watch. One more time. I’m here, I take my hand and I put it here, and I extend it. Now, Chad, turn it. See, he cannot turn because I’m using the extension of my arm to stop him rolling in. I bring him down, squeeze my legs, grab his thumb, come over, grab my trap, and finish. Always not here. This is suboptimal. The only way you are going to tap him is if you lift your hips, here. That way. One more time. We’re here, not the traditional, straight arm, bring it over, here. Pull the wrist, come over. One more time. That’s the arm bar from the back.

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