How to Do Anaconda Choke

How to Do Anaconda Choke

Anaconda Choke

All right guys, so Chad is going to teach an anaconda or also known as a gator roll. All right. It’s basically a rolling submission. Okay, so we’ll start off with my opponent engaging me into a double leg. Again, we’re going to – we’re starting on the floor for now. Now, as I explained before, off of a sprawl, I always have this option for going to the head, this ten-finger guillotine. But, sometimes my opponent – yeah – will lean his arm in, and with a sprawl, I can engage his head in arms control. So it depends on what my opponent gives me. If I have this option, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to use my arm with this grip here to bring the elbow in, and take this opportunity to take my inside arm and shoot it forward and lock up into this hold here.

Now, the next important step is to bring your head in position. I don’t have my head out because if I roll, my opponent will roll over my head. That’s going to – it’s not going to be very comfortable for me. It actually might mess up my submission. So make sure your head is right under here so it doesn’t get rolled over. Now, I’m going to roll over towards the camera here. And the next step is, I want to catch my partner’s head with my stomach right here. Not on the floor, but right – right here, while keeping this hold. And I’m not using my arm, I’m actually using more of my body. As I walk towards my opponent, I use my stomach to finish the submission.

All right, let’s do that again. Sprawl. We have the option for the ten finger. But, if that’s not the case, I can engage his head in arms control, bring the arm in, shoot the arm through, and lock up. My head comes right into position, and then I roll, catch my partner – or my opponent – with my stomach right here. And, with using my stomach and my body, I just walk in and keep the arm in position. And that is an anaconda setup from turtle.

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