American Kenpo Yellow Belt Requirements


American Kenpo Yellow Belt Requirements

A white belt represents a white paper ready to be written. So many important basics are there like horse stance, neutral bow, attention stance, some basic punches, kicks, and strikes. I would like to remind everyone these are the way I was taught.

American Kenpo Yellow Belt Requirements





Finger Techniques



Foot Maneuvers

  • Drag and step
  • Push drag
  • Step through
  • Front crossover (f. & r.)
  • Switch
  • Cover

Self Defense Techniques

      1. Delayed Sword. Front left-hand lapel grab.
      2. Alternating Maces.  Two hand front push.
      3. Sword of Destruction. Left hooking punch.
      4. Deflecting Hammer. Right kick.
      5. Captured Twigs. Rear bear hug, arms pinned.
      6. Grasp of Death. Left flank headlock.
      7. Checking the storm. Right overhead club.
      8. Mace of Aggression. Two hand lapel grab.
      9. Attacking Mace. Right step-through punch.
      10. Sword and Hammer. A right flank shoulder grab.

Forms: Short form #1
Sets: Star Block

En Español: Cinturón Amarillo en Kenpo Karate

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