Kenpo Karate White Belt Techniques

Kenpo Karate White Belt Techniques

Kenpo Karate White Belt Techniques

In many martial arts, a white belt needs to learn the basics, and general terminology and be able to go through basic training. In American Kenpo Karate a white belt needs 3 months to test for a yellow belt. These are the basic requirements for a white belt to test for a yellow belt. These requirements might be different from your school, style, and association but can be present in most Kenpo Karate schools.


These are the basic stances that will build the rest of your foundation in Kenpo Karate, you will find these stances on all your forms and sets.


These strikes are a fundamental part of the many self-defense techniques you will learn. You will also find them on sets and forms.


This is the first punch you will learn, you will find it in Self-defense techniques, forms, and sets.


The first three basic blocks you will find in your set, forms, and self-defense techniques.


The first three basic kicks you will be learning, all these kicks are just on your front or 12 o’clock.

Foot maneuvers

This foot maneuver is used in blocking and attacking situations, you combine it with basic block and punching techniques. It will help you when you learn your self-defense techniques.

There are not many requirements for white belts because they are discovering the world of martial arts and they do it with pretty simple moves which they will apply in the yellow belt.

White Belt Recommendations

  • If you are a white belt in a Kenpo Karate school don’t worry and don’t ever feel afraid to ask questions.
  • Keep on training and focus on the basic moves because that is your foundation, you need to have a good foundation to build something strong.
  • Get your protective gear, because is better to avoid any injuries. Get your groin protector, mouthpiece, gloves, headgear, and personal sparring gear. Don’t share your gear, is personal.
  • Keep a journal or study notebook, it is always a good idea to take notes or to write down important things to improve your practice.
  • Get your own Martial Arts bag, just for your personal practice items.
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself during and after your practice.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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