American Kenpo Karate Third Degree Black Belt


Third Degree Black Belt

  1. Obscure Claws. Flank left hand shoulder grab.
  2. Encounter with Danger. Front two hand push.
  3. Circling Destruction. Front step through left punch.
  4. Detour from Doom. Front right roundhouse kick.
  5. Squatting Sacrifice. Rear bear hug- arms free.
  6. Escape from Death. Right rear arm choke.
  7. Brushing the Storm. Flank right overhead club.
  8. Menacing Twirl. Left hand rear belt grab.
  9. Leap from Danger. Rear two hand push.
  10. Circles of Protection. Front step through overhead right punch.
  11. Circle of Doom. Front Right Kick.
  12. Broken Gift. Handshake.
  13. Heavenly Ascent. Front two handed choke, arms straight.
  14. Capturing the Storm. Front right overhead club.
  15. Conquering Shield. Front left stiff arm lapel grab.
  16. Taming the Mace. Front step through right punch.
  17. Twirling Sacrifice. Full Nelson.
  18. Cross of Death. Front two hand cross choke.
  19. Securing the storm. Front right roundhouse club.
  20. Intercepting the ram. Front tackle.
  21. Kneel of Compulsion. Flank step through right punch.
  22. Clipping the storm. Front right thrusting club.
  23. Glancing Wing. Front left uppercut punch.
  24. The Back Breaker. Flank step through right punch.