American Kenpo Karate Long form 3

American Kenpo Karate Long form 3

Long form 3

Long form 3 is one of intermediate form in American Kenpo Karate, it has a lot of everything, kicks, punches, checks, strikes and foot maneuvers.

This Kenpo Karate form is mostly found on the purple and blue belt rank requirement list but, you might find this form in other ranks depending on the school.

The Kenpo self-defense techniques you see on this form are:

  • Destructive Twins
  • Crashing Wings & Dominating Circles
  • Parting Wings
  • Glancing Spear
  • Isolations
  • Crossing Talons
  • Thrusting Wedge
  • Blinding Sacrifice
  • Wings of Silk
  • Repeating Devastation
  • Desperate Falcons

I have personally met many Kenpoists in my life and I would like to say that Professor Juan Serrano and Associate Master Rick Jeffcoat who are demonstrating this form are one of those instructors who make you want to learn more and more, you can see their passion just by talking to them. Thank you both of you for sharing your Kenpo with all of us.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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