American Kenpo Blocking set 1

American Kenpo Blocking set 1

American Kenpo Blocking set 1

The Kenpo Blocking set 1 is where you learn all the basic blocking combinations such as upward block, inward block, outward block, downward block and push down block. You do one side then the other side and then you do both sides together.

The purpose of this set is to work on the basic blocking techniques that are the base of many self-defense techniques and forms. Proper execution is crucial in every technique, otherwise, the technique will not provide the desired results. Each block can also be used as a weapon, if you change the intensity on a block you can go from just blocking the attack to even break your attacker’s arm.

Watch the details on the videos below.

The found techniques on Blocking set 1 are:

Some Kenpo styles do the entire set on a horse stance, some Kenpo styles might require forward bow with each side of blocks; which does not really matter because the main purpose of this set is the main basic blocks.

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