Kenpo Karate First Degree Brown Belt Techniques

First degree brown belt requirements

Kenpo Karate First Degree Brown Belt Techniques

In this rank is where the advanced material begins. You are familiar with the self-defense techniques you learned in the orange belt, well these are the same but with their extensions. What happens if the first part of the self-defense technique does not work, then you have options and these are the extensions.

  1. Clutching Feathers. Front left-hand hair grab.
  2. Triggered Salute. Front right-hand direct push.
  3. Dance of Death. Front straight right straight punch.
  4. Gift of Destruction. Handshake.
  5. Locking Horns. Front Headlock.
  6. Lone Kimono. Front left-hand lapel grab.
  7. Glancing Salute. Front roundhouse right punch.
  8. Five Swords. Front roundhouse right punch.
  9. Scraping Hoof. Full Nelson.
  10. The grip of Death. Left flank right headlock.
  11. Crossing Talon. Front right cross wrist grab.
  12. Shielding Hammer. Front hooking left punch.
  13. Striking Serpent’s Head. Front bear hug- arms free.
  14. Thrusting Salute. Front straight right snap kick.
  15. Locked Wing. Right rear hammerlock.
  16. Obscure wing. Right flank, left-hand shoulder grab.
  17. Reversing Mace. Front straight left punch.
  18. Buckling Branch. Front straight left kick.
  19. Thrusting Prongs. Front bear hug- arms pinned.
  20. Twisted Twig. Front wrist lock.
  21. Obscure Sword. Right flank, left-hand shoulder grab.
  22. Repeating Mace. Front left-hand push.
  23. Raining Claw. Front uppercut right punch.
  24. Crashing Wings. Rear bear hug- arms free.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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