Aikido Techniques against a hook punch

Aikido Techniques against a hook punch

Techniques Against A Hook Punch

Aikido uses the attacker’s force against them. On this technique, you see how you can block a hook punch, then lock his wrist to control his height by twisting his elbow down to bring him in front of you. After you get the attacker into this position you can apply any other finishing move to end the sequence. Consider the fact if you do not end the technique properly he might come back with another attack and if he has a knife or gun, he would use it right away. Remember to make sure you control him all the way. You don’t want him to keep coming to you after that.

Ikkyo from a hook punch, or Yokimunichi, allows you to trap an opponent’s fist that would otherwise hit your head, and is one of the most essential Aikido techniques.

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